In 1982, the Professor Delia Steinberg Guzmán founded the Piano Competition that currently bears her name. In the beginning, it was a National competition and later on became an International piano competition. Its aim is to promote new values of music and the career of young pianists.

In 1988, to promote musical studies with international projection, she founded the Tristan Music Institute, where she teaches piano. Currently, the Tristan Institute operates in Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, United Kingdom and Ukraine with important educational activities.

The International Piano Competition Delia Steinberg, held annually in Madrid (Spain), is a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation, and it is one of the oldest piano competitions in Spain. In its 39 editions they have involved more than 2,000 pianists. The winners were young pianists from more than 20 countries. The competition allowed boosting the careers of many of them who currently are concert pianists, piano teachers or promoters of other piano contests.

 Prof Delia steinberg



Music and the arts must allow people to educe from within themselves those fundamental and capital elements that live in every human being.
In the case of the artist, what must arise is a great love of beauty, which makes possible that any person who takes part in an artistic expression, wishes to become an artist.

Delia Steinberg