39th International Piano Competition
from the 15th to 17th of september 2021

Online Edition due to COVID 19 Health Emergency

 We extend the registration period until July 23 to send form and documents.

Once again we face the challenge of continuing to support young talents in spite of the difficult circumstances surrounding us. The Health Emergency forces us to seek alternative means in order to move forward.
That is why this edition of the International Piano Competition Delia Steinberg will take place, exceptionally, online in the conditions specified on the following rules.


Pianists of any nationality can apply, between 18 and 30 years of age completed before the day the competition starts, who have not obtained the first prize in previous editions.
The registration period is open from 3 May to 23 July 2021 and it will be done by sending the registration form from the web page of the competition.
The registration of the participants will be done in strict order of arrival of the inscriptions to a maximum of 50 participants.
There is a registration fee of €95 (ninety five euro) stating clearly the full name of the participant.
Payment for the full amount, with no expenses for the competition, with a Bank transfer to:

Banco Popular, Calle Princesa, 72
28008 Madrid, España.

Cta. Nº 0075 6040 36 0601599993
IBAN: ES48 0075 6040 3606 0159 9993

Once the data has been reviewed and the payment of the registration fee verified, admission will be confirmed by email. The participant will have a week from this date to send the relevant recordings for his or her participation.
In no case the registration fee or the documentation sent will be returned. The falsity of any of the data included in the documentation will imply the immediate cancellation of the application and the right to participate. The documentation submitted by the applicant will be reserved and treated with the utmost discretion.

Registration form

 Choice of pieces

First Test

A piece of free choice from a composer between the Classical and the Contemporary Periods. (Parts from Sonatas are not allowed)
Duration of the piece between 5 and 15 minutes. This piece cannot be repeated in the following tests.

Second Test

A Sonata, to be chosen from F. J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven o F. Schubert.

 Final Test

 It will require interpreting two pieces to be chosen, one from group A and one from group B, selected from the following authors:

Group A) F. Chopin, F. Liszt, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Schubert, C. Franck, (except Prelude, Fugue and Variation - Op. 18), G. Fauré, A. Scriabin (until op. 30 included), S. Rachmaninoff, M. Mussorgsky.

Group B) C. Debussy, M. Ravel, S. Prokofiev, B. Bartók, O. Messiaen, I. Stravinsky, A. Berg, A. Scriabin, (from op. 31), I. Albéniz, M. de Falla, E. Granados, A. Ginastera, P. Hindemith, D. Shostakovich.

This test, with its two works, must not exceed 50 minutes of duration.

Selection and Viewing
The participants will send, in the registration form, the links of all the works chosen to perform in each of the tests. (The sending of the links of the first round works and then the rest will not be accepted). The recordings must be hosted on any platform with easy access (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Drive, etc.) until the end ofthe competition.  In no case they will be sent to be unloaded.

The jury will made public the pre-selection through the web and Facebook of the Competition in the following dates:

  • Selected in the first round: 15 September 2021
  • Selected in the second round: 16 September 2021
  • Final Ruling: 17 September 2021


The names of the members of the Jury will be announced at the close of registration through the web and Facebook of the competition.
The Jury will take into account the artistic value and virtuosity of the programs selected for every test. Their decisions and those of the organization will be final.

The Jury may consider void anyone of the prizes.

The competition establishes the following prizes:

First Prize: 5000 Euro and Diploma
Second Prize:2000 Euro and Diploma
Third Prize:1000 Euro and Diploma
Finalist Diploma.

The competition will get in touch with the winner and finalists in order to deliver the Awards.

General Conditions
The organization of the competition reserves the right to modify each one of the points of the present rules, making them known well in advance.
For the resolution of any doubt or error in the translated versions, the Spanish version will be considered the official version of the competition.

Madrid, may 2021