A brief history of the Competition

A brief history of the Competition.

Professor Delia Steinberg Guzmán instituted in 1982, the Piano Competition that bears her name. National at the beginning and International shortly after, it tries to promote the values of music and promote the artistic career of young pianists.
The venues for the Competition have been different, from the Real Casino or the Madrid Conservatory, to the Victoria Theatre, where it is currently taking place.
We highlight some members of the jury such as Professor Rafael Solís, the Israeli professor and soloist Albert Mamriev, the pianist Michael Davidov born in Uzbekistan, the Greek soloist and professor Elena Christianou, among others.
The Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition is held annually in Madrid (Spain), is a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation, and one of the oldest competitions in Spain. Thousands of pianists have participated in its 41 editions. The winners have been young people from more than 30 countries; which has helped boost the career of many of them who currently perform, teach or promote other Competitions.